Straighten Out Your Pain

Hammertoe treatment can relieve your pain and prevent complications. At Michfoot Surgeons, Randy Leff, DPM, and other experienced podiatric surgery specialists offer the most advanced hammertoe treatments available, including minimally invasive procedures that minimize recovery time.

Michfoot Surgeons Hammertoe Treatment
You might need hammertoe treatment if you have a hammertoe that causes uncomfortable and persistent symptoms such as:

  • Pain
  • Joint stiffness
  • Difficulty wearing your favorite shoes
  • Difficulty walking, playing sports or doing other normal activities

Hammertoes typically worsen without treatment. Getting treatment early can prevent future foot problems.

Michfoot Surgeons offers conservative care and minimally invasive surgery depending on the severity of your hammertoe.

• A flexible (still-movable) hammertoe may be treated with conservative methods such as custom orthotics, special shoes, taping, padding or toe-strengthening exercises.
• A rigid (immovable) hammertoe usually requires minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery to realign the toe.
• A severe hammertoe may require arthrodesis, a surgical procedure to fuse the affected joint and prevent it from bending.

At Michfoot Surgeons, we will review all your options with you and recommend the least-invasive solution to your situation.

Michfoot Surgeons will prescribe a customized recovery plan after your surgery. You will return to walking gradually and will probably need an assistive device like a cane or crutches for a short period.

You will need to wear shoes that support your foot as it heals following your surgery. If you have minimally invasive surgery, you will transition into your regular shoes quickly.

The Michfoot Surgeons team will support you throughout your recovery period and be available to answer any questions.

Patient Reviews

Your Feet Deserve 5-Star Treatment

“Dr. Leff and his staff are simply wonderful. Dr. Leff knows what he is doing. He is professional, experienced and takes the time to help you understand …”

– Elaine Y.

“Explained everything! Listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions.”

– Susan V.

“Totally professional, kind & knowledge physician. Highly recommended.”

– Kathleen B.