Staying in style doesn’t have to happen at the expense of your feet. Unfortunately many women don’t stop to consider the consequences of years of wearing footwear that is not only going to cause foot pain, but it may cause damage to the feet, legs and back that can be life long.

Being able to determine when fashion forward footwear is a foot problem in the making is critical. There is nothing wrong with being in style or wearing an elaborate pair of heels for a special event, but for daily wear and for your health and well-being, not to mention safety, good shoe choices are a must.

Beach Shoes

Shoes that you associate with wear at the beach from flip-flops to sandals or other slide-on, flat, strapless shoes with no heel are often considered to be healthy shoes. While they are fine for a few hours on the beach, they are not designed for daily wear. Their very design causes the toes to curl up on the step forward while also preventing you from taking a full stride.

This puts pressure on the lower back and also impacts how the muscles in the arch of the foot work through to the ankle. Often when people wear these shoes for long periods of time the arch of the foot and the ankle get sore and stiff.

The good news is that by simply choosing a sandal style that has a strap that holds the shoe in place on the foot you can avoid all these issues. Walking sandals and hiking sandals are excellent choices as they provide good arch and foot support.

Wedges and High Heels

There are well-made wedges that provide support to the foot where needed, but these are not the high platform types of wedges that are popular today. When choosing wedge shoes look for a shoe that provides the correct arch support and also fits correctly on your foot to avoid slipping in the shoe and damaging the ankle or arch area.

High heels should never be considered for long term wear. They can cause bunions as your weight is pushed forward and onto the balls of the feet and the toes as you walk and stand. In addition, the high heel limits the movement of the Achilles tendon and the calf muscles, causing real pain when walking out of heels. Choosing a lower heel and limiting wear are two simple changes to your wardrobe.

Remember, style is fleeting, but your foot health is something you will have to live with forever. Carefully choose spring and summer shoes that are good for your feet so you can look great and enjoy life without foot pain.